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Key Development Points of China’s Food Machinery Industry in the Next Period

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1. Ensuring the safety and greenness of processed food is a major trend. To ensure the safety of food production and processing, efforts should be made to improve the sealing performance of the production and processing process in food machinery processing equipment. At the same time, special coatings and other treatment methods can be used to ensure that the food produced and processed by machinery equipment is safer and of higher quality. 2. Large scale, energy-saving, and complete sets will be the development direction of food machinery. Adapting to the needs of large-scale production in the food industry and ensuring that it can help food processing enterprises achieve the best economic benefits, large-scale sets of food processing production line machinery and equipment can achieve efficient and energy-saving effects, and will undoubtedly have a broad market. 3. Food processing machinery and equipment are constantly presenting characteristics of informatization and intelligence. The development of information technology has provided effective technical support for the intelligent development of food machinery; Intelligent technology enables better communication and exchange between human and mechanical software, which can play a good role in adjusting the actual production situation of food mechanization. In the future, the food machinery industry will pay more attention to intelligence and automation, and will move towards a more high-end direction of information integration. Extended information: With the continuous development of China’s economy and the increasing demand for the food processing industry, the food processing market in China has shown a clear and rapid growth trend. On the one hand, foreign food processing machinery and equipment giants have increased their investment scale and sales efforts in the Chinese market. With their advantages in capital, talent, equipment, technology, research and development, they have occupied many market shares of high-end food processing machinery and equipment in China. On the other hand, after decades of development and accumulation, China’s food processing machinery and equipment industry has gradually formed a group of food processing machinery and equipment manufacturers with strong research and development capabilities, independent intellectual property rights, and strong competitiveness in the mid to high end market. Especially in some Chinese specialty food processing fields, Chinese enterprises have achieved significant development in research and development capabilities, product innovation capabilities, and profitability.

&Nbsp; 1. The production capacity of centralized enterprises will continue to develop towards scale and grouping in order to pursue economies of scale. In the current situation where small and medium-sized enterprises lack sufficient financial and technological strength, it is not advisable to blindly introduce production lines. Instead, they can adopt the model of providing spare parts production for large machinery enterprises& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp& Nbsp; 2. Develop a new situation for product exports; China’s food and packaging machinery technology is moderate, cost-effective, and of good quality, which is very suitable for the economic conditions of developing countries and regions. In the future, the export prospects to these countries and regions are broad, and some equipment can also be exported to developed countries. 3. Improving the technological content of products cannot be achieved for a long time without good technology as the support for the development of enterprises. Realize mechatronics integration and intelligence, develop towards product informatization, introduce new technologies, and accelerate the progress of enterprise ISO9000 certification. Further enhance the technical level, stability, and reliability of the equipment. Bravely facing reality, actively changing this state, improving product development capabilities, and forming one’s own innovative ability are the key to catching up. 4. Strengthening the development and innovation of new products. Most of China’s food packaging machinery has developed on the basis of borrowing imported equipment. For products with significant gaps or blank spaces compared to foreign countries, we should actively introduce technology, digest and absorb them, and gradually understand them to fully grasp them. For products with a certain foundation but a certain gap with similar foreign products, adopt a learning and reference approach, strengthen research on relevant key and core technologies, and encourage development and innovation. 5. With the expansion of domestic demand for packaged food and the increase in export demand, there are currently several types of food packaging machinery with strong demand in the market that urgently need to be developed. According to domestic market research, people’s demand for convenient food is in the direction of having nutritional value, high-end products, and good taste. The market prospects for traditional food processing and elderly and baby food processing equipment are also promising, and relevant enterprises should focus on developing them.

Intelligence improves efficiency and reduces manual labor

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