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Machinery and Automation – Two Core Technologies of Modern Industry

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Mechanical and automation are the two core technologies of modern industry.

Machinery, as the infrastructure of industrial production, provides strong technical support for many industries; Automation technology is an important means to promote the development of industrial intelligence.

1、 Mechanical technology refers to the application of various mechanical principles and equipment to solve problems encountered in human daily life and various production activities.

In modern industry, mechanical technology is particularly important.

The application scope of mechanical equipment is very wide, such as processing machine tools, various types of fitters, lifting equipment, transportation equipment, and mining and mineral processing equipment. These mechanical equipment can meet people’s requirements for production efficiency, product quality, working environment, and safety.

One of the most widely used fields of mechanical technology is manufacturing.

With the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, mechanical equipment is gradually playing an important role.

In addition, mechanical technology is also applied in areas such as transportation, energy, construction engineering, environmental protection, and safety.

For example, the manufacturing and maintenance of transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, and airplanes require the support of mechanical technology; Power plants, petrochemical plants, and any other production industry also require mechanical technology; The construction of large-scale buildings, bridges and other infrastructure in daily life also relies on mechanical technology.

2、 Automation technology is the liberation of personnel from repetitive labor, achieved through the installation of various sensors, judgment logic, execution mechanisms, and computer control systems, to achieve intelligent control of the production process.

Automation technology has gone through four stages: mechanical control, logical control, digital control, and intelligent control.

Intelligent control is the highest stage of automation technology, which includes various advanced technologies such as human-computer interaction, computer control, and autonomous decision-making. It is widely used in emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing and the Internet of Things.

Automation technology can also effectively improve production efficiency, shorten production cycles, reduce personnel labor intensity, and reduce pollution caused to the human environment.

3、 The relationship between machinery and automation is inseparable, and the two complement and promote each other.

The numerous equipment and manufacturing processes involved in mechanical technology cannot be separated from the support and control of automation technology, and the application of automation technology also relies on various advanced mechanical equipment.

Therefore, in-depth research and continuous improvement of the comprehensive level of mechanical technology and automation technology are essential prerequisites for the development of China’s industry.

4、 Future prospects: With the continuous development of the social economy, automation technology will become increasingly important.

The large-scale, high-yield, high-quality, highly reliable, and eco-friendly industrial development will require more advanced automation technology means.

In the process of transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry, accelerating the pace of machine replacement and building intelligent factories is an effective way to improve the comprehensive level of automation technology.

In the future, the two core technologies of machinery and automation will continue to play a huge role in promoting the development of industrial intelligence in China, going further and further.

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